Wenger is just trolling Spurs by refusing to buy

I enjoyed Sarah Winterburn’s piece on F365, and agree how mad it is that Arsenal don’t just go out and buy a top-class holding midfielder and challenge for the title.

There is only one explanation: He is trolling Spurs fans by giving us just enough hope that we can catch the Gooners this season to be disappointed when the inevitable St Totteringham’s Day comes.

I think Lloris is a better keeper than Cech, and Harry Kane is a better player than Giroud or Welbeck, but apart from that Arsenal are stronger in pretty much every other position, and have a far deeper and more experienced squad. But as long as we see either Coquelin or Arteta in the midfield, supposedly providing the cover, there is a weakness there, a soft centre that leads to hope.

Hope is the enemy for Spurs fans. How many seasons have we said, “This will be our year”? Next year, maybe.

Wenger knows, when his Arsenal story is written, that it won’t be the uninterrupted Top 4 finishes, the Invincibles or the recent FA Cup success that he’ll be remembered for by the fans. It’ll be that, for 20 seasons in a bloody row, Arsenal never finished below Tottenham. So, as he nears the end, he is rubbing it in, showboating, taunting us with a slight weakness that serves to mask the overall strength. Coquelin may not be a title-winning midfielder, but is he good enough, combined with the rest of this squad, to get the team into the Top 4? You bet.

I really am not sure if I want the season to start: thank god there is cricket on.


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