Random thoughts as the new season dawns

kane celebrate

I spent yesterday in cricket heaven (Pomicide!) and computer hell (Windows anything), so no time for any blogging. But I had a few thoughts flicker into my head in between Aussie wickets, transfer rumour tweets and smashing my sodding computer to bits.

When even Poch thinks Top 4 is unrealistic, we should accept that it’s not going to happen.

When even Poch thinks Top 4 is unrealistic, Levy should accept that it’s not going to happen.

When Baldini is ushered out, as Spurs are no longer looking to buy established players and are focusing on youth instead, we should accept that big-money signings aren’t going to happen.

Why is Windows 8.1 continuing to torture me, even now Windows 10 is available? I’m back to Windows 8.0, have lost access to Office and can no longer even type properly without the cursor jumping to random spots on the page.

When am I just going to buy a Chromebook?

Would Spurs be better off selling Hugo? It feels almost cruel forcing a keeper in his prime to stay in a team that is clearly rebuilding. He must be miserable. Why not sell him, use the money on a good keeper prospect (Timo Horn?) and then pick up one or two potential future difference-makers (Werner, N’Jie) with the remaining cash? Vorm is an OK transitional keeper, or someone solid like Brad Guzan may be available?

Is Charlie Austin a smart signing for Spurs, or is this just the very peak of transfer window desperation? I’m just saying, when was the last time Spurs had a reliable striker off the bench? Jermain Defoe before he was knackered? It’s been a while, so long we’ve almost forgotten.

Where is Bobby Soldado?

We are stuck with Adebayor. This guy no longer wants to play football, and would prefer to pick up his £100,000 a week this season without having to play or train.

I like the fact that NO-ONE is talking about Spurs in a serious way. When was the last time Spurs were so unfancied, and entered the season with so little pressure?

I can’t wait to see some of these youngsters in action, especially Deli Alli and Alex Pritchard.

I worry that Toby Alderweireld may block Eric Dier’s development. I think Dier could be a star, but needs to be playing Premier League football, not Europa League, and in central defence, not midfield or fullback. That said, when do we start thinking that Dier is a better option than Jan?

We aren’t going to beat Manchester United.

I love football, and am so glad the season is back, but as I get older, I just love cricket more and more. I reserve the right to reverse that opinion after Spurs’ 8-15 moment this season.

I can’t watch the match live on Saturday, and won’t be able to see Spurs again on British TV until August 29. The matches against Stoke and Leicester will likely combine for no more than 10 minutes of highlights on Match of the Day. How can this still be the case in 2015?

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