An amusing aside to my piece on Adebayor

So after the transfer window I wrote about Emmanuel Adebayor — how his behaviour suggests he may need help instead of a kick up the a**e. It was headlined “Tottenham’s Duty of Care for Emmanuel Adebayor”.

It was published over at The Fighting Cock, and it certainly created a bit of chatter below the comment line during the international lull. Obviously you are going to get some stick for writing things like that, which is fair enough, but I thought it was a point worth making.

But then something mildly interesting happened.

First, in his ESPNFC column, John Crace used some similar language, as an addendum to a column on Spurs’ striker options:

It’s tempting to condemn the Togo international as some sort of football mercenary — something several have done in the past — but whatever questions now arise about his future football career, his behaviour has often appeared increasingly erratic. He deserves some help, and both Tottenham and the FA owe him a duty of care.

Then today, Darren Lewis of the Mirror, writing a column for Betway, dedicated an entire column to Adebayor. It was very similar — tracing his recent behavior and concluding that this guy may be in need of help.

Far from being money hungry and lazy, Adebayor sounded like a footballer on the edge.

He may post pictures of his bling, his cars and his life of opulence on the internet. In 2011 he talked about expanding his already-bulging property portfolio (“I’ve bought houses in places that I don’t even know… I love building houses,”) even further around the world.

But does that mean he does not – or cannot – suffer from the same kind of pressures that eat away at players with a lesser profile?

I’m not accusing anyone here, as Adebayor’s behaviour is pretty alarming and worth writing about.

Perhaps Crace’s use of the “duty of care” line may have warranted an HT to the Fighting Cock, but it’s a fairly obvious choice of phrase for the subject matter.

As for Lewis, he expanded significantly on the subject, even if he came to a similar conclusion upon considering the evidence.

But nevertheless, it is interesting to see the flow of information around the Spurs blogosphere. While us bloggers lean heavily on the information provided by journalists, just occasionally we may provide a little pointer for them too.

Either way, while Spurs are very unlikely to give a damn what I say, I’m sure they read what Lewis in particular writes. If this leads to help being offered to Adebayor, if it isn’t already, then that is a good thing.

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