New pieces: A column on the future of Hugo Lloris at Spurs, and a Europa League preview

I have new piece on Hugo Lloris over at The Fighting Cock, entitled “What next for Hugo?”

Lloris is 28, and is entering his absolute prime as a goalkeeper. He is a world-class player and the captain of the French national team. If ever there was a time he wanted to be playing Champions League football, this is it. If there is one player at the club who doesn’t fit the timeframe for what is being built at Spurs, namely developing a young and exciting team over the next three seasons in readiness to compete in a shiny new stadium, it is Lloris.

Please do head over and check it out.

I’ve also done a Europa League preview over at Fresh Spurs. I talk Lamela, Harry Kane’s Hamstring, Tommy Carroll, Kevin Wimmer, and whether we’ll see any evidence of the Pochettino philosophy.

Any thoughts or comments welcomed.

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