Housekeeping Post: Recent links and upcoming blog-cation


I’m off on holiday for a couple of weeks from tomorrow, so this blog will go quiet for a spell. I reserve the right to send bored tweets from various airports.

It turns out to be a perfectly timed break, with just a couple of tedious Europa League matches and a non-televised FA Cup tie while I’m away. I don’t feel I will be missing much.

Judging by the sounds my laptop is making, it too needs a bit of R&R, and possibly a massage (or a new hard-drive).

A few links from recent weeks to wrap up:

If financial minutiae is your thing, please do check out my deep dive on Premier League clubs and how they are run. Has been described as “esoteric but intriguing”.

For anyone interested in the rise of Chinese football, I did a feature over at The Set Pieces looking back at the state of the game when I used to live out there a decade ago. It’s very profane, but was great fun to write.

And for some stadium and NFL chat, I did a podcast over at Football and Football. It’s 45 minutes long, and we get into some good detail on the development, what it means for Spurs, and the NFL in London. Please do check it out, I think it’s an interesting listen and the host Ian Smith really knows his stuff (views on Shahid Khan aside).

Catch up in a couple of weeks.

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