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Housekeeping post: Links to recent articles on external sites and upcoming work

I’ve done a few articles elsewhere over the past month. I’m posting this up as much as a reminder to myself in terms of future linking, but please do check them out.

I’ve got a couple of new articles in the pipeline — I’m aiming to publish one on Wednesday.

I recently recorded a podcast with the chaps from Football and Football — that should hopefully be up in a few weeks.

By the way, it’s been a big month for this little blog. Visitors soared after my stadium pieces (here and here), and my Twitter followers are up from less than 200 before January to 750+ now. A small but growing audience, and consistently great interaction on Twitter — I’m really enjoying it at the moment. So thanks to you all for your readership, retweeting and responses.

The Tottenham Way

Chadli key to Spurs success after striker no-show

Tottenham’s display more significant than Dele Alli’s moment of magic

Fortune favours Eriksen on return to centre stage

Five lessons from Leicester for Mauricio Pochettino

I also did a Q&A over at Salut! Sunderland