Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Spurs Report: Final Call

I’m calling time on The Spurs Report, and moving my writing to Medium.

It’s been a good run — with 117 posts over two and a half years, ranging from in-depth stadium reporting and financial analysis to rants about Jamie Redknapp. In total, there have been more than 332,000 views from 260,000 visitors — a drop in the ocean compared to bigger websites, but not bad for a tiny little blog way out on its own on the fringes of the Spurs internet community.

However, I’m now keen to focus on other things. I’ll still be writing about Spurs — with a focus on the business side of the club — but by moving my writing to my personal page on Medium, it will enable me to push out into other topics as well.

I will remain busy on Twitter, and look forward to keeping in touch with many of my regular readers on there. For those wanting to get in touch, my email is

I’ll keep this blog up — it’s a useful reference tool, and costs nothing. There’s loads in the archives — categories include the new stadium and the club’s finances.

If I’m proud of one piece above all, it’s the long read on Mauricio Pochettino from July 2016. We’re in great hands.

Thanks to everyone who has supported this blog — it’s been a blast.