About The Spurs Report

This is a personal blog about Tottenham Hotspur. Occasionally, I write about other subjects.

I can be contacted via Twitter, my handle is @spurs_report, please follow me for the latest updates. If you wish to get in touch, please email me on spursreport@gmx.co.uk.

You can also see my work on Medium.

I am a former journalist and editor, based in the southwest of England. I now do something completely different. I write under the name Charles Richards.

All views in this blog are mine, and mine alone — any endorsements and recommendations are because I like something, any criticism because I don’t. This blog is 100% independent.

I take pride in writing a quality blog, which acknowledges and gives due credit to source material where used. Original information and data is painstakingly compiled with the utmost attention to accuracy. If you feel I have made an error, please get in touch.

The logo on this site, and on Twitter, is by Paul Wells (@scuzzfest).


1 thought on “About The Spurs Report

  1. JimmyG2

    Insightful,interesting and well put together..
    Disagree entirely about the Chelsea game
    where we became the Premiership yellow card leaders.
    Nine yellows, is disgraceful and we forfeited a two goal lead
    and our chance of the the title.
    But I see where you are coming from in the context of the piece.
    You clearly see it as a necessary statement of intent
    But we had nothing to prove and allowed ourselves to be distracted.
    Finishing third behind Arsenal was pathetic.
    Chelsea laughed all the way to the hospitality suite.



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